“Yo, That’s a Grail!”

       You ever wonder where people buy all their drip from but still manage to send you some cash for the uber? Guess what, you can look no further! Here is a quick guide to help you find all the perfect drip without burning a hole in your Louis Vuitton wallet:
       For starters, you have to know exactly what you want to buy. Do you want a Bape T-Shirt, a pair of Raf Simons Ozweegos, or are you looking for designer accessories like a Vivienne Westwood necklace or a vintage LV wallet? Once you have an idea of what you want, you can begin to figure where you can look. For most everything designer, the best place to look would be Grailed.com. If you choose to shop on Grailed.com but you do not want to break your bank, there is an option where you can sort the listings so that the least expensive will pop up first! However, be careful when it comes to sorting the feed out in that way because there will more than likely be some one-off listings that people listed just to catch someone’s attention. Another piece of advice is being patient when scrolling Grailed.com. You may not find the piece that you are looking at first, but keep looking! Do not feel discouraged if by the third time scrolling Grailed, you still have not managed to find your piece. I’ve spent HOURS looking for a favorable price in a favorable condition for either Bape t-shirts or a pair Bapestas from 2006.
       Not only is Grailed.com a great site to look at, but being able to use Facebook and Instagram pages as resources for drip can really save you. As of recent, more and more archive pages and Instagram resellers have been popping up as a result of people using Instagram more as a mood board than before. Usually, these resellers pride themselves on their reputation, so they will have your best interest in mind. However, there is a small number of posers who think that it would be funny to take your money and block you. Also, take it from me, do NOT trade over the internet under any circumstances. No matter how reputable the seller may be, there is always the possibility that they are just baiting you so they can steal the piece and make money off of it while you sit there trying everything in your power to get ahold of them. On the other hand, some really reputable Instagram resellers are @archivereloaded (more designer archived pieces), @ethanpellegrini (literally anything from designer to vintage), one of my close friends @labasedsupreme (more Supreme, FTP, etc. type of streetwear brands and sneakers), @bape.az (literally anything that Bape has released), or @stylisticsjapan (all things Japanese drip from Visvim to WTAPS and even some archived Supreme and Bape), or @ajito_vault or @archive2000 if you want some jewelry to drip out with. These are just a few, but there are so many more archive accounts and Instagram resellers depending on what you want. Sometimes, these accounts will do sales and specials, so make sure you keep your feed fresh and make sure you have those post notifs turned on!
       Another outlet for finding inexpensive drip would be looking in the “Sale” section of designer retail stores. As a matter of fact, right now is the perfect time to begin your quest for the drip because of the Black Friday Sales and the End of Year Sales. For example, last year I went to Dover Street Market Los Angeles and walked out with an off-the-runway Gosha Rubchinskiy hoodie for literally half the retail price. My friend and I even saw the Comme Des Garcon Nike Air Mowabbs there, but lacked the ability to realize the deal we had in front of us. Another good place to look is Ssense.com because they always have sales closer to the end of seasons.
       Honestly, the drip is a lot easier to acquire than you think, it just takes more time than you might hope for. Spending hours on Instagram, scrolling through Grailed, and peeping what sales Dover Street Market, Ssense.com, and END.com have are all you need. In no time, your drip will rival those of Gully Guy Leo, Luka Sabbat, and countless other style icons.

Written By: Jake Romo

Edited By: Kami Strander

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