From Basic to Business — Instagram’s Journey

What was once used as a tool to post our Clarendon and Lo-Fi-filtered photos of Uggs, animals, and cringe middle school pictures has transformed into something much more than we could have ever imagined. Instagram has become the hub for advertising, business, and self-promotion. Practically everyone, including celebrities, college students, adults, and even dogs are on Instagram, which is why it is growing at such a rapid pace in the business world.

Instagram recently added business tools, which includes “features like adding contact information, viewing insights about your posts and followers and promoting posts from within the Instagram app and even shopping on Instagram” ( These new tools offer a way to easily get in contact with a user and for them to figure out which posts are attracting the most attention. We are at a pivotal point in business, in which it is now possible for businesses and brands to spend less on marketing, as they can gain traction through their Instagram posts and promotions.
When it comes to branding yourself, you must incorporate potentially eye-catching things that will cause others to become intrigued with the work (and posts) you put out in to the world. If you feel like taking it to another level of branding, creating a website to showcase your portfolio or creating a blog are other means of doing so.
In our modern society, social media is at the center of our existence. Employers, schools, organizations, etc. are all looking at their applicants’ social media in order to ensure their posts match up to their standards. Social media can also be used by employers to make sure that an applicant’s content matches up to the company’s aesthetic. Instagram is a way to showcase your own personal style/life in general; this includes day-to-day life, outfits of the day, travel, and anything else you feel is worth posting. This is a way for others to see your values, interests, and hobbies. Whether you agree with it or not, the way people present themselves on social media these days is a common form of perception.

While other apps and websites like LinkedIn and Facebook are in heavy competition with Instagram, they fail to keep up with the visual appeal Millennial users see in the latter. The ability to create a theme/aesthetic that a person or company feels is representative of themselves is a benefit that other websites cannot yet offer. Instagram allows for a visual portfolio to embody your personality on a free, public platform.
Whether or not a post is deemed “Insta-worthy,” what is most important is that your social media is representative of yourself and what makes you happy! As long you are staying true to the brand you want to create, post whatever and whenever you want!

Written By: Kami Strander and Mika Legaspi
Edited By: Kami Strander

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