What’s Your November?

The world of fashion is closely intertwined with the music industry. An artist’s unique sense of style often influences listeners to pull inspiration to incorporate into their own personal style. The west coast skate trend can be attributed to American rapper, Tyler, the Creator. He built the brand known as “Odd Future,” started his own music festival called Camp Flognaw, and created his own clothing line, “Golf Wang.”

Golf Wang

After releasing their first mixtape in 2010, Odd Future started releasing merch, which is also when Tyler decided to start Golf Wang, his own separate clothing line. Tyler, the Creator is branded as a very vibrant and obscure artist, so his clothing line and personal style reflect just that. He mixes bright pastels, contrasting colors, and a variety of patterns to create a sense of style unique to anyone else.

Tyler partnered with Converse to create a shoe promoting his newest album, Flower Boy. The collaboration is called “Golf le Fleur” and the shoe maintains the classic Converse One Star shape, but replaces the star with a flower. He has previously collaborated with Vans and other companies to promote his line and brand. Even when partnered with other companies, the pieces created are always a perfect representation of Tyler and his sense of style, which is due to the fact that he is so hands-on in the creative process.  

To the average person, Tyler’s sense of style may seem like it lacks rhyme or reason, when in actuality, every look he pulls together is cohesive and styled incredibly well. He somehow manages to create a look that is completely over the top and pigmented, yet understated and clean at the same time.

Golf Wang

While listening to his song “November” at the beginning of this month, I was inspired to focus on Tyler’s sense of style as a reflection of his music and personality. Mika and I were motivated to create two looks that we felt emulated Golf Wang and Tyler, while still maintaining our own personal style.

Look One: Kami


While I am a major Tyler fan, creating this look was definitely out of my comfort zone. I typically reach for neutrals and then accessorize more heavily to diversify my style; however, this is quite the opposite of the overall Golf aesthetic. I forced myself to reach for brighter colors and downplay accessories to keep the focus on the vibrancy of the outfit itself.


I chose to wear a pink and gray striped GUESS shirt with a star-detailed mesh shirt underneath. Mixing patterns is definitely a staple look for Tyler, the Creator so I tried to subtly incorporate this into my outfit by incorporating both stars and stripes. I wore blue mom jeans from BDG to contrast the pink in my shirt and simply accessorized with a shoelace as a belt. I finished the look with a pair of classic black high-top Converse.

Shirt: GUESS

Mesh Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters)

Shoes: Converse

Look Two: Mika


I have always been inspired by Tyler, the Creator and his creative genius. My love for Tyler and Odd Future as a whole has most definitely translated into my daily style. I’m a big fan of incorporating pastels and saturated color into my wardrobe, which is why I was so excited to pull this look together.


I, of course, had to grab my pink Odd Future t-shirt with the donuts on it as the basis of my look. I threw on a blue mesh bodysuit underneath, primarily for some warmth in this “cold” Tucson weather, and secondly, to add some contrast to my outfit. I then put on a classic pair of blue mom jeans so I could keep the focus on my shirt. I finished the look with my favorite pair of platform Doc Martens that I would probably die for…not to be dramatic.


Shirt: Odd Future

Jeans: Thrifted

Shoes: Doc Martens

Edited and Written By: Kami Strander

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