Streetwear Lookbook: Gamma “RED”

Created by: George Lymberis

“To put it plain and simple, I just make designs that I feel will look good on my friends.”


Whether we like to admit it or not we all have those people we have a weak spot for. Even after they are long gone, it feels like they never really left your heart. No matter what they do to try and hurt you, they get to stay. After all that, you suddenly become guarded and push away the best people. So, I created the sweatshirt to represent the lesson I learned from going the hard way. The X’s up the side of the hood are meant to be a reminder to never let people see the hurt, don’t let them see you sweat. And the line across the heart is meant to represent the lock on a door when it’s open, which is meant to remind you to keep an open heart, whether it be romantic or platonic.


For my room, I was inspired from an idea in a music video. As I began to recreate the scene, I soon realized it was not going to look exactly the same. I then decided to take the idea one step further and use duct tape in an unconventional way to spell out my brand name and logo across the wall.


Ever since I was younger, I have been enamored by creative music videos and dreamed of wanting to shoot my own. I was in a constant day dream of creating a music video to every song I listened to, day in and day out.


Seeing this photoshoot for Gamma come together for the release of my first women’s wear, is part of a dream come true. This is one of my favorite projects so far.


Photography by: Nicole Castillo
Editor: Cristina McHugh 

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