Styling Session: The Free Tee

Receiving a free tee-shirt in college is truly a hit or miss situation. They are hastily stored away in your bottom drawer, rarely to be touched, except for the occasional need for a sleep shirt. However, there are often times when we are required to wear these shirts to either a sporting event, a club or greek life meeting, or to any large gathering. The biggest question then becomes, how do I wear these tees in a stylish, chic, and “put together” way? Forget about wearing a pair of basic jeans with some sneakers, here are four ways to style your free tee!


Outfit Details
Tee: TREND Shirt
Trousers: Ann Taylor
Slides: Gucci

In college, you may find yourself with an influx of “free t-shirts”. And there may be days when a club, or school organization, or whatever it may be, requires you to wear the tee they provided. For me, this is quite an annoying requirement, for how do you make these shirts wearable and chic? My first tip would be to pair it with a unique pair of neutral trousers. A unique pair of neutral trousers sounds like an oxymoron, but the wide leg pin striped trousers that I wore in this picture is a great example! It makes more of a statement than the tee, and a great eye-catching piece. To elevate the look even more, accessories are KEY. This may either be a fun pair of shoes, hair accessories, or statement jewelry. I chose to keep things neutral and added a pair of statement earrings and my trustworthy Gucci slides.


FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 20

Outfit Details
Tee: TREND Shirt
Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Paige

For my Trend T-shirt outfit I wanted to add a bold color to the ensemble since the T-shirt itself is black. I chose to wear a bright pink leather jacket that I bought at a vintage store in Scottsdale & my go-to plain black jeans from Paige. I like the look of this outfit because it is very simple and comfortable, but has an added edge to it. Being the girly girl I am, at the last minute I decided to pull my hair into a low pony tail and add a bright pink bow to show off my feminine side.


FullSizeRender 15

Outfit Details
Tee: TREND Shirt
Denim Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Superga
Choker: Fraiser Sterling

When it comes to styling tees, I opt for more casual, street looks that are comfortable, yet still stand out in a crowd. Black on black is always an easy, go-to option for me, which is why I chose to tuck our stylish TREND tee into a pair of black Topshop jeans. I added my favorite oversized denim jacket to make the outfit more effortless and comfortable. The denim jacket is a classic and should be in everyone’s wardrobe – this one, in particular, is a staple in mine because of its perfect fit and versatility.

I refuse to wear any other shoe but white sneakers when it comes to my more casual outfits, so naturally I styled this look with my favorite pair of platform Superga sneakers to pull it all together. I accessorized lightly with a western belt from Nordstrom in order to break up my shirt from my jeans, as well as add a bit of a statement to the otherwise relaxed look. Last but not least, I selected my favorite star charm choker from Frasier Sterling to add some edge and complete the outfit.


FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 8

Outfit Details
Tee: TREND Shirt
Jacket & Sweater: Poshmark
Jeans: Calvin Klein

For this simple tee, I decided that I wanted to add a jacket to spice it up.  I just put on a hunter green bomber jacket with a grey hoodie attached.  Also, I  threw a pair of Calvin Klein jeans paired with statement brown boots.  Just by adding these few items, this simple tee can really make a great look.


FullSizeRender 9

Outfit Details
Hat: H&M
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Adidas

Sometimes you’re a mess and need to cover it up. This look began with this premise. I’m not a hat person, but I got convinced by my boyfriend that it looked “swaggin” (his words). Paired with the TREND Fashion Club shirt,  the look went from “just woke up” to major #stylin.

@uatrendFullSizeRender 2

Photography by: Nicole Castillo 
Editor: Cristina McHugh

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