How To: Wear White Sneakers

Wearing sneakers was a rare occurrence for me, unless I was going to the gym, and that was still a rare occurrence. Recently, I’ve found myself creating outfits around a classic pair of white sneakers. Something simple and classic, enough to compliment my not-so-casual wardrobe. Here’s how:

1. A Flirty Flair

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A button down with trousers is a constant and trustworthy go-to. Trousers, for me at least, are more comfortable than jeans and a crop above the ankle, elongates the leg. To add a flirty flair to my familiar go-to outfit, I’ve added quite simply, a flair! These pin striped trousers are so fun and always make a statement. To add a level of “casual” I added a simple pair of white sneakers.

White sneakers are a PERFECT way to dress down an outfit that may be too formal for your daily activities. It is the quintessential amount of effortless. I am in love with this white pair because there is nothing fancy about them. With such statement pieces, these white sneakers create an effortless balance that pulls the look together.

White sneakers are perfect to make your dressed up outfits look effortless.

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Outfit Details
Sneakers: Common Projects
Button Down: J. Crew
Trousers: Ann Taylor
Earrings: J. Crew

2. Jeans and a Tee

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[David]: When styling white sneakers, never forget your pops of color. We see everything in color (not black and white) and, as a result, never shy away from using pastel and neon colors with white sneakers. While it can be safe to wear outfits that consist purely of black and white, be adventurous and add bright and cheery colors to stand out in a crowd.

Although this may be simple, this classic outfit will always be a timeless look. David pairs a pair of black denim with a pink tee. The rolled cuff adds a tailored look and brings attention to the shoes.

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Outfit Details
Jeans: True Religion
Tee: Target
Sneakers: Adidas

3. Schooled

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As an extension of the first outfit, I reinvented my go-to outfit of a button down with trousers. This time, with a college statement. A button down layered underneath a crewneck sweater, is a fun way to create dimension and texture to your outfit. It also looks put together, even though you are wearing a wicked comfortable sweater.

The trousers can easily be swapped out with your favorite pair of denim. For a more relaxed look, leave the button down untucked or even have one side tucked in and the other side left untucked.

To keep the casual vibe, finish the look off with a pair of simple white sneakers. Or if you’re feeling spicy, add a pair of statement earrings or accessorize to your hearts desire! My favorite part is always accessorizing and adding layers. In this particular outfit, I layered on a peacoat and popped the collar, because the lapels allow it to stand on its own and make a statement. Last but not least, I cannot forget about an oversized pair of loud earrings!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Outfit Details
Sneakers: Common Projects
Sweater: J. Crew
Button Down: Land’s End
Trousers: J. Crew
Jacket: J. Crew

Photography by: Nicole Castillo
Editor: Cristina McHugh 

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