A Desert Winter LookBook

‘Tis the Season…As I patiently wait for the anticipation of the holiday season to arrive, I took to the Christmas tree lots to accomplish one of my favorite seasonal activities. This year I unfortunately will not have a Christmas tree, however, that did not stop me from going to experience the pine smell and the camouflage sea of dark green.

This holiday season, standing out is not something to shy away from. This is the most acceptable time of year to wear glitter from head to toe, coat yourself in statement reds, and throw on oversized jackets with fun boots or hats. Being and dressing extra is the mantra for the month. Whether you are hanging out with friends over a fancy dinner, going gift shopping, or attending a casual holiday party, I have put together a few outfit inspirations for any kind of occasion.

Outfit One_Baby, it’s (slightly) Cold Outside

Winter Looks_2

I cannot repeat myself enough, but shearling is truly a winter staple for me. Whether it be fashion forward in the form of an oversized full shearling jacket, casual and “everyone friendly” in a denim jacket, or chic with leather… it truly is a staple. In my case, I chose to play it subtle with a shearling collar on this denim jacket, that just so happens to be my boyfriends (sorry Andy).

Winter Looks_4

Another winter staple makes its way into this outfit in the form of a tartan red flannel. This lightweight flannel is perfect to make my December month a bit more festive while I stay nice and toasty. J. Crew this season has tartan and plaid pieces galore for both men and women. This is a great time of the year to pull out your most festive tartans and wear them in the most unique ways possible. I chose to pair my casual flannel with a pair of high-waisted white trouser pants that flair out at the ends. Because my Tucson days are not that cold, this was perfect for me. Also, “no white after labor day” does not exist in my fashion vocabulary.  I’m not complaining, white in the winter is stunning.

Winter Looks_3

Outfit Details
Flannel_J. Crew
Trousers_J. Crew
Slides_Calvin Klein
Earrings_J. Crew

Winter Looks_13

Outfit Two_Fa La La La La 

Winter Looks_10

Again, white in the winter is stunning. It is especially exciting when I am able to wear my white overall dress with bulky sweaters or cute button downs. To dress up this look I decided to pair my dress with a blue button down and a pair of statement earrings. This is perfect for when you are baking holiday cookies or running to Target to find the cutest holiday decorations.

Winter Looks_11

Recently, I have re-fallen in love with statement earrings. In high school my obsession landed in the realm of giant statement necklaces to statement earrings, to dainty jewelry in college. However, my interests are now checked in all of the above. My bracelets and rings are never taken off, so I like to have them simple and dainty. When it comes to necklaces, simple chains with varying lengths and cute but delicate pendants are a must. Big and bold earrings are perfect to sport for the holiday season, because it dresses up any simple outfit and makes it a lot more fun. So wear you earrings loud and proud as you participate in your festivities!

Winter Looks_12

Outfit Details
Button Down_J. Crew
Overall Dress_ASOS
Slides_Calvin Klein
Earrings_J. Crew

Winter Looks_9

Outfit Three_Season Greetings

Winter Looks_6

So, red lace pants. That is all I need to say for this outfit, but I will elaborate more. Fun and unique pants are a year-round must for me, but it is a lot more acceptable to sport them during this time of the year. Eyelash lace is a lot more delicate and to me, expensive looking. I chose this red color, because surprisingly, they can be extremely versatile. I have worn this pant with a simple tee, a striped blouse, and white sneakers. In this particular outfit, a button down (that I wore in the previous outfit because I am LOVING it) and a pair of nude heels.

Winter Looks_7

The heels add a dressed-up element to the outfit and to make this more casual, simply swap them out with a pair of clean and simple white sneakers. Lastly, throw your hair in a low pony or “messy” top-knot. Accessory wise, I have never worn a headband in about 7 years. But I am glad I purchased this one because it inspired me to wear more classic pieces I haven’t touched in my wardrobe. Instead of wearing statements earrings, try hair accessories, they are just as fun and a different way to spice up your holiday outfit!

Winter Looks_5

Outfit Details
Literally, the Entire Outfit_J. Crew

Winter Looks_17

Photography by: Nicole Castillo
Editor: Cristina McHugh 

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