The Record Store

There’s nothing like spending your Saturday discovering new hidden gems Tucson has to
offer. I love exploring Tucson because I am always surprised at what I discover. Clo and I went to check out a record shop to see what vinyl’s they had and be amongst tons of great music. We found ourselves in Old Paint Records, and I definitely recommend anyone who is a lover of music to go check them out. I’m also a huge fan of oldies so I loved all the old school vibes in Old Paint Records. Clo and I were both surprised to find the record shop was located within a community of shops (Old Town Artisans) and a restaurant with live music (La Cocina Restaurant and Cantina). If you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday, grab some friends and make your way down to the Old Town Artisans community for a great time.

Outfit One_Jaye

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The inspiration for my outfit was definitely a 90’s vibe with a classy twist. My “Girls Club” tee can be dressed up (such like in the way I wore it) or it can most definitely be dressed down in a pair of distressed denim and Chuck Taylors. If you are like me and have more casual clothes than dressy clothes, it’s easy to mix and match to get a more fashionable and unique look. The print on my skirt also compliments my graphic tee.

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Outfit Details
Top_Forever 21
Skirt_Banana Republic
Shoes_Nordstrom Rack
Necklace_Charming Charlies
Purse_American Eagle Outfitters

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If you want to make your outfit more interesting or make your simple graphic tee stand out, find a cool print/ pattern to add to your outfit. I’ll admit I was not the biggest fan of prints before but now I see them everywhere and they’re definitely growing on me. This outfit is perfect for a day like Clo and I had, and it could even be the perfect concert outfit.

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Outfit Two_ Clo




Record stores are notorious for their old school vibes. There’s just something about looking through endless bins filled with Aerosmith and ACDC records that makes one feel like edgy. With my look, I decided to go with a ’90s look since that was their overall vibe for that decade.

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Outfit Details
Jeans_American eagle
Beanie_unknown fabfitfun box lol
Jewelry_Glam and Glitz

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I am wearing ripped jeans and converse since these clothing articles where the most basic staples of the time. As for my shirt, I am wearing my Sandro sweatshirt that I got while I was in France a couple of years back. Between the seethrough top, writing, and pop of color, this sweatshirt is my main focal point. It has a unique design that adds just enough pop to the outfit without being too overbearing. As for the beanie, it was a small accessory that was yet another staple clothing article during that time. I completed the look with choker. Once again, another symbolic look at the time. The main feature of this choker that I like the most in comparison to others is the fact that it has a giant stone attached. It is dainty but at the same time, a bold piece that adds a level of edge to the look.

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Location_Old Paint Records
Address_ 201 N Court Ave. Tucson, AZ

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Social Media
Old Paint Records_@oldpaintrecords

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